A2 Suspension upgrades


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I did post this in the general section but only got a couple of replies

But after a further trawl on the internet i found out a bit of info

Fk High Sport - use sachs shocks
Fk Konigsport - use Koni Yellow Twin Tube (damper adjustable).
FK Silverline-X Stainless Steel - use Koni Yellow Twin Tube (damper adjustable).

KW V1 use Al KO shocks from parent company (not adjustable).
KW V2 use Koni Yellow Twin Tube (damper adjustable).

The thought of going for FSD has been mentioned on loads of sites from Alfa to Seat forums and it appears that its the ride height changes, lack of consistant damping and springs that are the issue, and the kit is a "one size fits all" like most.

Yet Audi springs and shocks will be different i assume as the Sport, SE, 1.6FSI, 1.4 and 1.4 TDI have different part numbers?

The other question is that FK, Koni FSD, and KW only do one suspension kit for the A2 whether its the -1000kg 1.4 or the +1150kg 1.4 tdi approx). Thats over 10% weight difference yet the kit is the same? One car must be over dampered and one must be under dampered, if thats a word...

Looking at the FSD on the Venom site for the Audi A3 as an example, it shows various options based on engine size, i think its to provide correct damping physics and spring rates based on weight (excludes the Quattro which i think is different).

So i am thinking that all upgrades for the A2 will be a compromised package as the companies do not seem to offer different kits, so it will need to be an adjustable system. Think it will have to be the FK Konigsport with the koni adjustable dampers, so i can increase the rebound to compensate for the weight, The KW V1 are not adjustable and the KW V2 is £1000 which is stretching it too far.

Will place an order this week and see what they are like, and possible a install guide...:icon_thumright:
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Order placed just need to wait for delivery of over a week!!! They had the Mk1 Golf in stock that i also ordered, but you get used to A2 items not being in stock while a 25 year old Mk Golf is off the shelf stock Lol.

I have asked a very experienced german A2 owner to possibly add some clarification on A2 suspension upgrades (performance related) and hopefully i or he can post some further info on options...


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After Discussing this with a German A2 owner

The options available to us are limited for good quality coilovers (personally i believe the best set up) and along with the ones outlines you could also choose the Spax RSX kit. It has bound and rebound settings available to offer further levels of tuning, however i am waiting for the Spax technical Dept to come back to me as only a very few amount of the these kits have been sold and all to Germany. The rear adjustable spring plate may be an issue on the A2 Spax RSX kit unlike the fitment of the same kit on the Polo 9n, but i am waiting for clarification, Because it would result in chassis modifications if it doesn’t directly bolt on.

I think the FK Konigsport or Silverline -X is still the best over all option for the A2 at the present time in this price bracket due to the damper adjustment option to compensate for the "1 kit fits all" A2 policy of the suspension suppliers KW Variant 1, FK Konigsport or Silverline-X, or Spax RSX. And the fact that you are getting quality Koni Shocks.

2 more things have been brought to my attention about the A2 kits

1: If you want to fit higher 100kp rated springs to the A2 TDI FK konigsport or Silverline –X kits to additionally compensate for the extra weight of the A2 TDI at the front the part number is FK1468. £25 each approx

(However I am not sure at this time whether additional bounce with the higher spring rate can be compensated with the Koni yellow damper adjustment, without creating “jacking down” with increased rebound adjustment. Although I have been assured this will work).

2: Dust covers for the larger 20mm piston on the front may not be supplied, however an alternative supplier and part number will be added to the post for others.

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Had an interesting chat with the Spax technical dept, and it appears the only thing they can confirm is that they don't know for sure. It seems perhaps some of the kits had issues some didn't but without feedback they can't be sure...

Although they were attemping to be helpfull, i'm not really sure where you now go with that kit...

Anyway i have ordered more parts today from Febi Bilstein (probably the best available aftermarket supplier for German cars) - top mounts and bearings for example, i will add the part numbers when it all arrives, and like the ARB the top mounts are the same as from a Polo...


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Well the idea of fitting a coilover suspension didn’t go as planned.

Fitting the coilovers at the rear was fairly straight forward and only took a couple of hours to remove and install the new FK kit.

Useful tool LASER 3396 works like the specific Audi tool (3424)

The fronts were much harder, mainly due to restricted space of the top mount on the drivers side. And the lower fixings seized in the axle. And to top it off the drop links were completely seized and needed cutting off.

So with that aside I fitted the full kit and adjusted it to level and moderate lowering. This was when the problem started. The Koni rear shock absorber body is just over 2cm taller than the factory sport shock. And when you drop the rear a minimum of 3cm (as per TUV spec for the coilovers) you are loosing 5cm of rear shock travel.

Scary cat time



This meant the rear sat on the bump stops and preloaded them by 2cm approx. It was too bumpy to drive and was almost dangerous at speed on a motorway when driving quickly.
So I removed the shock and cut the 2.5cm out of the standard bump stop and glued and refitted them. This allowed 0.5cm to 1cm of travel but still resulted in very heavy impacts when driving on British roads!!

Scary dog

I removed the kit completely as the car was too dangerous to drive on country roads

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I did some further digging around with the original numbers from the shocks and the OE supplier (Monroe), and concluded from speaking to the Monroe technical dept that the rear shock (based on my numbers) is a different length to the Polo, and Fabia, mine are shorter and its very likely others may have the same problem with the kits or other kits. It may be worth checking the length of the rear shock body before investing in a coilover as the kits on the Market fit all 3 as a universal fitment.

The Spax kit is also not confirmed to fit all models with possible chassis differences, as the chassis may need cutting to fit.

In the short term I have ordered a direct replacement Sport reflex set from Monroe based on Audi production numbers given to monore technical and after checking the length, I think I will run these till I come back from the Ring and look further into the Coilover kits.

Anyway i hope this helps someone else!!

For Reference







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As has been mentioned the FKdidn’t fit but this could be because they sent the wrong shocks in the kit or something else the correct rear shock number is 80-2761 SP1. I know that after fitting the kit, the quality of the product wasn’t good but with SS and Koni internals it should have been a lot better and at least fitted. If I ventured for another kit it would be KW or Weitec (sadly Weitec don’t make a kit yet). I have Weitec Coilover kit for the Mk1 Golf I have and the quality of components, welding and additional parts is 1st class as I assume the KW would be (being the same company I think).

However I have been running the Monroe Sport Relfex shocks with have been crossed over from the Audi Monroe sport shocks that were originally fitted from the factory by Audi. The Reflex use a valve system that opens and closes in milliseconds to soften the suspension when a 1.5g impact goes into the shock, but while in normal use (drivings straight, braking and cornering) they remain stiff.

It is a very weird system, but the car handles much better than before with a much tighter turn in response, and yet soaks up the harsh bumps, so 2 birds and all that…

Similar to Koni FSD? Yes I assume so

However unlike the FSD they don’t raise the ride height, and are intended with lowered sports suspension (unlike the original release of Koni FSD which were intended as a direct standard shock replacement then Koni changed the literature to say they can be fitted to lowered cars).

An example of the Weitec Mk 1 Golf kit


Supplied with
lower bolt fixing to hub (camber bolt)
Replacement top Fr mount plate
Bump stops
Dust covers
And comes with a very thick thread for ease of adjustment

FK Silverline –X Kit for A2


Not Supplied
Dust Covers
Bump Stops
Lower Fixing bolts
And comes with thin inconsistent thread that gets tight and loose in various places.

Hope this Helps!!
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