A3 2.0 TDI problems.


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Hi all, Just wondering if you kind people could help me out with two problems i have with my A3.

1, Car seems to shake when stationary and also judders to a start from cold with a puff of white smoke, once warm runs great like any other car, but still shakes when stationary.

2, Rear washer doesn't work found out that its leaking underneath, maybe a loose connection (pipe loose)? Is this a common fault heard the rear pipe gets blocked?

BKD engine if that helps?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Dual mass flywheel
Engine mounts
Injectors/injector wiring loom
Fuel filters/pumps
Air filter/sensors


Take the whole rear end interior apart to find joins/splits


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thanks for the reply's, hope it's a simple fix! Get it checked out soon.

With the rear washer i think its just the pipe come apart from the bottom/side of the bottle? as when you press the stalk screen wash just shoots out the bottom/side of bottle. (where ever its connected).


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Joee your car has the same symptoms as mine. Let me know if you find out what it is.

Will do indeed, started a new thread in hope someone has fixed these problems by now and will come along with the answers we are looking for! hopefully.


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Bump, pump pipe done! But this juddering is annoying not excessive but still annoying when stationary, anyone?
Does the engine revs up by itself when stationary?
Mine used to rev from time to time up to 1100rpm and back to 8** quickly. The coolant temperature sensor G62 was faulty.