[A3 8P] Upgrading the factory radio and have some general questions.


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Hey guys. I am going to be upgrading the factory radio very soon. The most likely candidate is the Alpine CDE-W296BT. I'll be defeaning the doors and the boot with some felt too.

Keep in mind I am extremely green on the whole car stereo business.

The car in question is an 5 door 2010 S-line, so it has the Bose system on board.

I have some questions regarding the retrofit that I am unsure of, and searching the forums for these is proving difficult.

1. Are the BOSE speakers 2-way? 3-way? or just 1-way, basically, I am not sure if I should be upgrading them at some point too.
2. Are the speakers on the rear doors BOSE too? they don't have that silver cover, just a black one, so genuinely not sure.
3. Should I be upgrading the BOSE amp located in the boot? or is it good enough typically speaking.
4. What kind of adapters do you need for this? I know that each BOSE speaker is amplfied with a seperate cable and needs its own adapter set, not sure where to get one, and whether it has to be radio / radio manufacturer specific
5. Should I install a digital signal processor along with the radio, or is that not entirely necessary.
6. Anything else I should be aware of for the install?

Thanks for any answers, its much appreciated. I'll update this thread with progress once I start on this.