A3 boot, sound deadening suggestions...



I am sat here thinking about what i can do with my A3's boot as regards to sound deadening.

I have no aftermarket ICE installed as of yet (apart from upgraded rear speakers & a Pioneer MP3 H/U).

I am kinda toying with the idea of a new parcel shelf with lots of space for speaker upgrade.

I just want to start @ the beginning, ie... prepping the boot for when the day may come for me to start to upgrades.

Im thinking maybee some dynamat all over the boot floor?

Do the plastic side panels come off easy enough to allow some good access to use maybee some dynamat in those areas aswell?

I want to be able to completely sound deaded/proof the whole boot area.

Thoughts, suggestions, pix & even pix of installs are appreciated.

Something tells me i will be expecting a post from AndyMac soon enuff, hehe


EDIT: I also want to be able to sound proof the spare wheel well also, while still being able to use it for a spare wheel (i think, lol).