A3 Cab 1.8TSFi Finance Offer

Found myself on Essex Audi's mailing list (probably from a service quotation) but they've sent me an interesting finance offer on an A3 convertible 1.8TFSi:


Must add that I don't work for Essex Audi! Not a bad deal though - just thought I'd share it with you all.


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Need to add the price of a balaclava on too.


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Is that a personal or business lease?

And its got a £4k deposit. Do you want to keep the car at the end of lease?


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I'd have thought you'd get comparable deals on better cars - according tot he data I last saw the 1.8 has worse residuals to either of the TDis and also the sport and s-line have better residuals than the base car, so in theory this should reflect in monthly payments, if you were shopping around.
I think those figures were for a personal lease, as there's no mention of VAT. I agree that it's a lot for the base model, but with things as they are I'm sure with some ringing round, haggling and playing a couple of dealers off each other you'd get a decent-spec 1.8 or maybe a better model at a similar price.