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Hi all, i'm new to this forum, and wondering if anyone would know of a way to help me with my car.

I've just gotten an Audi A3 hybrid (2020) i've read through all the manuals and all the advise i could find online, but i cannot find the answer:

here's my problem; My car has 4 drive modes: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual (there should be an Economical in there too)
In all modes, i can choose between S (sport) or D(drive?) (also M(manual) but i dont use that)
in all modes (even dynamic-though, and from what i could gather it shouldnt be doing this) the Coasting function is enabled, unless i manually turn it of whilst driving, by using on of the levers behind the steering wheel (manual mode), but i have to do that every single time i want it to use regenerative braking/engine braking. OR alternatively, i put the car in de S(sport mode), which seems to turn off the coasing function completely, but then it will stay in "battery hold" driving, rather than actively using the battery for economic driving.

The manual claims there is an E(economical) driving mode, which should be the ONLY mode in which Coasting is working, but that mode does not even show up in the driving mode selection display.

I've repeatedly found myself in situations where i expect the car to do engine braking, but then wouldnt, and i had to slam the brakes as a result. it's driving me mad!


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Hi, I have only had my 17 A3 Etron for 3 months. I put on the main display where it shows all the driving modes while I drive (green forward, green regeneration, coasting, yellow gas engine etc).

I keep it on auto driving mode as it is economical and does coasting via the electric engine and does regeneration braking while pressing the brake. This mode is easy for me to drive and is most similar to regular driving. I set the * button on my steering wheel to change the driving mode. There is also a button on the dash that I use to go from EV mode to Battery Hold mode.

In dynamic mode, the regeneration is much more, and it feels like the parking brake is on. I mean to practice with it but there is too much traffic to do it safely. When you let off the gas in this mode you start stopping quickly and the regeneration is strong.
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