A3 TDI 170 - 16" Winter Wheels?


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Can someone tell me if 16" Wheels will fit on my 2009 A3 TDi 170 S-tronic? If so, what would the width and offset need to be?

Should it clear the callipers okay?

I already have a set of Dunlop Winter Sport 3D 205/55/16 tyres, so just need wheels.

I've searched high and low and cannot find an answer...

Thanks :)


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Will fit fine. I run a set on my 170 (albeit a 2007 model)

My wheels are from an Audi A3 SE - can't remember the offset etc mind lol

Look on Ebay or the classifieds on here for people selling 16's; I picked mine up for £120 from a fellow forum member :)


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The Audi catalogue for 2011 (8P) shows Standard models capable of running 15's (15" x 6.5J with 195/65/15 tyres), but doesn't specify an offset.

The 16's they recommend are 205/55/16's (16 x 6.5J) but again no mention of offset. I'd imagine the you're going to need an offset of at least ET35 to clear the brakes given the OEM ones are about ET56, but I'd rather let one of the wheel specialist folk on here confirm that as I'm not 100% sure.


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Thanks... thats a relief :)
I had a quick look in the classifieds but couldnt see any 16"s... anyone? ;)
Looking at an auction on eBay i can see the offset for genuine audi 16" is 50 - is that correct?


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definitely will fit. i am running on 16 / 205*55 continental ContiWinterContact ...no problems at all. TDI 170 Sport