A4 Avant B9 TDI ticking noise from driver side on acceleration


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Hi guys, first time I've owned an Audi, picked it up earlier this week from a dealer. After a bit of advice if anyone is aware of this! This is the only "issue" I can find with the car and want to find out whether it's legitimately a concern or is normal. The dealer said it was a normal diesel engine sound but I'm still not sure...

The car is a A4 Avant (B9, 67 plate) TDI 2.0 Ultra Sport S Tronic (7 speed). The noise occurs under the following conditions:
  • Car has to be moving, cannot replicate it revving whilst parked
  • Only seems to occur during 25mph+ and in 4th gear upwards
  • Noise seems isolated and audibly to the drivers side, not central towards the engine bay, and is directly associated with acceleration (ie. is not present when coasting at 25mph+)
  • Happens when driving both straight and whilst taking corners
  • Noise stays constant and doesn't seem to increase in sound with additional revs
I have a video of the issue here to demonstrate the sound: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Vi1csbg1JRi6b489

Has anyone ever experience something like this? Any immediate ideas what the noise could be, or if it's of concern?

Thanks in advance!
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Does sound like a typical 4 cylinder diesel under load to me. Is this Your first diesel?

Audi A4 B9 3.0 TDi quattro 200 kw