[A4 / B5 2000] Squeaking front windows wipers


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I'm coming to you with an urgent problem because the situation has surprised me, and in a few days I'm going for a trip and I'm afraid I may face bigger problems if you nothing is done.

Namely, the topic concerns the windscreen wipers. They have been squeaky for some time now and now the whole cycle takes a lot of time and every time I am worried whether they will tighten to the end. When it is wet and damp the windscreen wipers do not even do half of their cycle. When rotating, you can hear a distinct squealing inside the cabin and outside.

The problem is complicated because it seems that the squeaks come from the wipers on the driver's side.

At first I thought that the rubber has worn out so I replaced the pens but it did not help.

So I lifted the wipers up and started them but the situation is the same as with them lowered.

Therefore, I suspect that something has got stuck somewhere and maybe it would be enough to use a magic WD40. I used it from the top for elements that are above the hood under the window, but it didn't help either.

Do you have any ideas what is going on?
Check the wiper motor or the links under the weather shield under the bonnet.
If the wiper blades themselves are new and clean, the motor or the wiper linkage might be stiff or seized...
I'd check that first.

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