A4 B7 Drivers Seat into 8P (or Golf)?


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Hi, I'd really like to get an 8P or Golf GTi but the seat has always been stopping me.

If I could fit the drivers seat out of my A4 B7 I could do it.

Is this fairly straight forward? The seat is manual with no heating.

From what I've been able to find out I'd have to saw off the locating lugs, then sort out the airbag and seat belt latch wires in the 8P?

I've read a few threads where people have put RS4 Buckets in just about everything VAG, and a few where 8P owners have fitted B8 S5/S4 seats, so hopeful that its possible. Thanks.


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What is it about the seats that is stopping you?
Personally I find the seats in my S3 to be very comfortable, having recently spent 12+ hours in them on a single day and not having to fall out of them with a stiff back, however I do plan to get rid of the centre leather piece as sitting on leather for that length of time is not pleasant.


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Hey, the A3 seats are too narrow in the base for me and give me sciatica (6ft, 250lbs), whereas the A4 seats I could sit in all day long!


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Now I will watch this with the hope someone who knows for definite if A4 b7 seats fit an S3 8p as I would happily put in mine as long as leather heated .