A4 B8.5 Honeycomb / Mesh Grille


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I know that this question has been raised before, thought I’d ask if anyone has any latest tips or advice...

Looking for an aftermarket honeycomb /mesh grille of a decent quality. Looked at Xenonz (X-UK) but VAT is added at checkout and with delivery a grille comes to £211. Anyone fitted a grille from a trusted supplier?

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. Or a unit for sale secondhand?

Many thanks


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£211 isn't bad at all, but after my experience with them while back out of principle, I would never use them again.

Others out there, Google will find some easily.


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Is it for an S line bumper?

Have you tried on Facebay?


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Here is my Xenonz one. Quality is great.



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Here you go.



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Hi mate,

Is your Audi A4 B8 or B8.5? What year?
Did you change the front callipers?
Also can you please tell me what system did you used to fit the front reg?


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Hi mate,

2015 b8.5
Yes I upgraded to s4 calipers and discs. Straight fit with no modding. Makes a lot of difference with power upgrade also.

I got a set of holders like these for number plates.

let me know if you need any other advice bud