A4 wearing Swissvax shield


Here are a few pictures from todays detail,just got a tester pot of swissvax shield and this is the results so far very impressed with SV easy on and easy off and nice gloss would i pay £105 for it im not so sure.





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Lovely colour. It has really bought it out, £105 is a bit of a stretch, depends how flush you are!

Nice motor.

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Is that Misano or Brilliant Red?!


what was your process when doing the car?

Yesterday was just a quick to up as i had it professionally detailed the about 2 months ago after my local Audi dealer had washed it after i told them not to (long long story).

My usual process from scratch would be as follows

Snow foam with megs APC (as i want to strip what ever is underneath)
Wash with 2BM using chemical guys gloss works shampoo
Wolf deironizer and autosmart tardis
Clay with Builthamber soft clay
(I would use the DA with menzerna polishes should i need to had my 1st go with DA the other week)
cleanse the paintwork with either dodo lime prime but most likely use werkstat acrylic prime
then 2 coats of swissvax shield
i have been maintaining it with either CG pro detailer or CG Hybrid V7
wheels coated with poorboys wheel sealant
tyres with valet pro traditional tyre dressing