A5 3.0tdi dpf new pressure sensor ..coding?

Nigel nigel

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Just swapped my dpf pressure sensor as had a sensor intermittent fault in my a5 3.0tdi CCW engine. Put new sensor on and glow plug light is flashing constantly and car this morning is well down on power.
Do I need to code / do any adaptations via vcds ? Cheers


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What is vcds telling you?

Could be doing regen maybe because old one was faulty, need to scan.

Nigel nigel

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Changed sensor and did a stationary regen which lasted @ 13 minutes , then it came back with 3 errors
-5585 diesel part bank1 restriction/clogged
-5188 diesel part filter excess soot
-5189 part trap bank 1 efficiency below threshold

Measured and actual soot @35 before and @10 after regen.
Diff pressure @29 before and @9 after

After regen now limited power and values back to @35 soot and 25 diff pressure , and glow plug light flashing and same error codes