A6 C5 Windows !!!!


Long Live The A6

Passenger window not closing properly, going half way up then opening again. Is this the windoe regulator ??

Can it be re greased or is it time for new parts from ebay ?? 19.99 for kit.

HELP ! :cold:


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Most likely the clips if the window goes up and down...


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This suggestion may not help but if you disconnect the battery from the car the windows can go a bit strange and need to be fully opened and shut before the 1 touch open works.

How about trying the reverse, disconnect the power (maybe just the window motor fuse if you have any doubt about radio key code!) then see what happens?

Otherwise I would be tempted to strip the trim off the inside of the door and see what is going on with the window mounting/clips etc.


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I have exact same problem with my passenger side window. Sometimes it goes up no problem, other times it seems to struggle to go up, gets half way for example then goes back down again automatically.


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Have you tried spraying the window runners with a bit of silicon spray lubricant. Its amazing what a difference cleaned and lubricated runners can do. My rear window kept popping out of its runners until I gave it a clean and a spray.



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I agree, silicon window runners, if the window meets resistance it will open. make sure you use silicon though as it is water resistant. Should work.