A7 2016 Entertainment Upgrade


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Just bought an upgrade feom
My 2012 to the 2016 ultra model, sadly I didn’t get everything I wanted and it does not have the system the previous one had, so looking for advice where to find the larger pop out screen preferably touch with apple play or something more update than the smaller one I have currently. Any help thanks.


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These occasionally come up on eBay, but it’s an expensive conversion, and requires someone with ODIS level support in order to do all the coding. As well as the screen you will likely need to MMI control unit as well as the MMI Touch controls (on the gearstick panel)

it’s likely more cost effective to move to a 3rd party touch screen solution, incorporating everything you want and more. there are a few options (mainly Chinese) out there…..



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Hi just get yourself a Android upgrade unit.
Will give you touch screen full android and still have full mmi system


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