A8 (D3 4E 2G) MMI *modernisation*?


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Had my '04 4.0TDi A8 for about 5 months now and she's a beauty. Done so much work on her so far, including bodywork, major services (gearbox, rear diff, engine and auxiliaries etc..) now to focus on the cosmetics :)

I've been researching which media upgrade systems to use but there doesn't seem to be much info on any of them.

Options are:


VNS (may be an eBay special as I can't find anywhere else?)

Viseeo (can't find the actual product..?)

All of the above are pretty pricey, but only like everything else for these cars I guess!

What I'm asking is, has anyone used any of these or similar? All I want to do is be able to plug my iPhone 6 into the system for charging, playing media wirelessly via bluetooth, be able to control my music via the MMI and be able to make/receive calls through the car, via my iPhone 6. (Song info on screen would be nice too but I realise I might not be able to have everything)

I've already upgraded to 5570.
I'm currently using a pay as you go sim in the existing Audi phone in the centre console. Hopefully upgrading will solve my problem of having two numbers...
Though, what will the 'TELL' and 'NAME' buttons do in the centre controls when/if I upgrade and remove the Audi phone?
I also have VCDS so can program/mod the control system if I need to uncheck the Audi phone/telematics after removal..?

PS. Just read somewhere I may need to buy this once I've removed the phone, as its part of a fibre optics route which needs to be completed once the phone is removed...

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks, Matt


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Just curious as to what route you went with this


I want your faulty electronics
I'd recommend the AMI system.

Not a fan of aftermarket items on the A8 and the firbre optic system can make it a bit difficult to find something decent.

i've had the Dension 500, sold it and bought the AMI.
Both as good as each other.

I also have an AMI for sale.