ABT Transporter T6

Craig Cull

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For over 2 years now we have been proud of working with ABT Sportsline, alongside Richter Sport we are the Leeds part of the dealer network.
Although most of the dealer network concentrate on the van side, we also cover the car side which is very exciting for us.
Cars like the SQ7, SQ5 and our latest project the RS5-R show just how much people trust us to deliver but also ABT Sportsline know we will deliver. From a motorsport company that has been in motorsport for coming upto 125 years, it says alot about who they choose to work with.

We are currently working on 1 of 50 worldwide Audi RS5-R which we will post in the coming weeks. Not only is this a limited car worldwide, its even more limited in the UK, this car will be 1 of 2 and both are in Scotland. Make sure you keep a look out.

For now ill leave you with our Demo Transporter T6 Highline, this consists of front and rear valance, front bumper top sections, side skirts, rear spoiler, quad exhaust, red contrasting lower valance painted then lacquered over to allow for no paint edge, complete front grille with contrasting guards red, Bilstein B12 coilovers and in our case, Range Rover SVR 21" wheels.
Compared to 90% of the kits we have worked on, the quality of this kit 2nd to none. It fits first time everytime and needs zero modifying to allow fitment, its not cheap but this is why. The money you save in labour making it fit makes it far more appealing. The only reason we didnt add the ABT wheels is becuase the maximim size is 20" we wanted 21"

With the new T6.1 now available, our T6 may be available soon.

If there is anything you see that takes your fancy, feel free to email Sarah @ info@projectcustoms.com


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