Adding sub to Audi concert


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Hello I have a standard non Bose Audi concert and I wast to add external active sub I have the live and the ground wired also the speakers to it so there is a steady 12 volts passing through and there is a non amplified bass how do I get the stereo to remote switch the amp which cable would this be?? I tried to use a cable going to the blaupunkt amp in the boot but this doesn't seem to have achieved anything. Please help me. Or ask for any further details.


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Try looking on the back of the stereo they usually tell you what the wire harness pins are
Blue - remote turn on etc.


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Your best bet is to install a decent speaker to rca adaptor to run the amp. Good quality ones of these have signal sensing and a remote 12v output for amplifier turn on. I regularly use the Audison SLi2. It's about £50. Can find on eBay.