AFB 2.5 V6 Timing trouble.


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Hi Guys,

Has any one done the timing on this engine.

If you have please can you provide let me know the way it has to be done.

I.e. the steps to follow.

Thanks in advance the timing went out 'cos the belt lost a few teeth we have removed the head to check the valves they have been parafin tested and all seal perfectly.

I am going to attempt this on weekend.


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You need to get the engine to TDC.
This process is easier with the front lock carrier, rads and engine covers removed
You need to lock the crank with the correct pin. The hole is located behind a plastic blank on the block to the rear of the aircon pump,
You then need to remove the vacume pump on the rear of the r/h head to reveal a keyway, you will need to slacken off the cam pulley to insert the correct flat tool. On the right head you need to remove a plastic blank, this will reveal the same keyway. Using the two key way tools with the pulleys loose, align the cams. You then need a pin for the tdi pump, once the cams/crank is timed the pin may slide in if not you will need to slacken the three bolts securing the pump belt and adjust. You should once correct, tighten the cams remove the pins, rotate the engine for two/three rotations re-check the timing and repeat if out.
I have the correct tools for sale here.