Air induction and dump valve?!


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Hi to anyone that can help..

I have a 2010 TT TFSI VVL engine. I recently had Revo stage 2 tuning done (high flow air induction, downpipe, remap and dsg remap.) Which I am over the moon with!
Recently I have read that adding a GFB VTA, can help with throttle response and can somewhat help a turbo not die prematurely, in the long run. Plus I've also read that the factory diverter valve can fail (I swear I'm not interested in the psssst it makes.. bit boy racer? ).
Would adding a dump valve to an already tuned engine, effect the way it runs, like richness and air flow etc?

Many thanks in advance, to any SERIOUS answers!!


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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the only thing that MIGHT change is the maf setting which the car picks up after the map. With a more reliable diverter (especially if previous one was faulty) there would be a slights difference. But nothing huge. You might not even notice. And after driving for a while with it the settings will change.