AITP 8th August 2021 Deere Park, Corby, Northamptonshire


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As you all know with current restrictions that is not guaranteed to go ahead until some restrictions are changed. We all hope it does go ahead so we will plan and get numbers for the club stand

Important Information:

The Date: August 8th 2021
The Venue: Deene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire NN173EG
The Website:
The Email:

Advance Tickets :

COVID Compliance Update 27/01/2021
Obviously, under the current lockdown and Government restrictions in place throughout the UK regarding events and mass gatherings, there is still a lot of uncertainty, skepticism and doubt.

Audis in the Park is an outdoor event, held in the beautiful grounds of Deene Park, Northamptonshire in Summer 2021. This late in the year date gives us plenty of time for restrictions to be eased and for us to be pro-active by ensuring the event is 100% COVID-compliant and that we meet ALL Government regulations in place at the time.

As it stands, we have not set a limited attendance figure as we feel we have ample space on the event field to spread out and allow plenty of social distancing, however, and this is important, if the Government decides to restrict event attendance figures for outdoor events, then we will, of course, comply with their guidance and set a sensible safe attendance cap. This could mean, to ensure you can attend the event, you may need to purchase tickets in advance and the event will become a strictly ticket only event.

The advanced ticket only option may also be taken to remove cash/payment handling on the gate if this is another criteria we are asked to comply with.

Below are just some of the measures we plan to have in place on the day:

Clear signage highlighting Social Distancing rules,

Hand Sanitizer stations around the event field,

Toilet attendant to ensure toilets are kept clean at all times,

Distanced trade stands to reduce high traffic and pinch points,

Visitors may be required to wear face coverings within certain areas (Trade/Catering)

Just so you are aware, every bona-fide event organizer has to attend a Safety Advisor Group meeting (SAG Meeting), with the Council, before being allowed to hold an event. The Council will run through the event management plan and check that you are complying with all local and national regulations. This includes music licenses, water treatment testing, Fire & Emergency procedure and Health and Safety plan. If at any stage the Council is not happy with the plan or processes you have in place, the event may not be allowed to proceed.

The SAG meeting for the 2021 will be extremely thorough to ensure the safety of the public, staff and visitors before the event is allowed to take place. We are telling you all this so you can rest assured, we will be doing everything possible to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable event.

Thank you all for your continued love and support of Audis in the Park, we have all had a really tough year and the crew and I are really looking forward to seeing you all again in August.
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Happy days, my Audi In the Park tickets arrived today. See you there folks for those of you who are planning on attending.
I'm a first timer at an Audi show having done Vauxhall shows for years...that is until I saw the light :thumbs up:



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I have my single drivers ticket for sale if anybody wants it, £10 plus postage.

New job has to take priority :(
Decent stuff I’m around the Bicester area. I’ll be getting there for the 9am buy ticket on arrival. Which area are you heading from?

From Banbury, there will be a couple of us leaving from there. Aiming to get to gates just after 9am I believe. Heading up in a Noggy Blue S3 8L 640bhp DQ500

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