ALLOY WHEEL THEFT: Smashing the rear window and grabbing the tools


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Here's an interesting one from the Audi Forums A3 Series: A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)

And I quote: "He just had all four rotor wheels stolen off his A3 sportback. The little scumbags have smashed the back window, used the cars own tyre iron and jack in the boot and removed all the wheels. This apparently is a big problem at the moment so just be aware as best as you can."

I'm horrified at this, never gave it a thought.

However, one of our contributors (S*e_N**a) has posted that he/she IS aware and has already offered a 'remedy' that he's prepared to share via a PM: I respectfully suggest you/us RS3 owners look at this thread and PM the guy (he/she) for his/her advice; I already have and am waiting.

I'll be applying it (whatever it is) to both my TT and RS3.


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Supaglass from pentagon in glasgow ,with a pager connected to the alarm ,to tell you,your alarm is going off ...
A pager connected to an alarm?
I had one of these years ago on my MK2 Escort RS Turbo; I thought they didnt do them anymore?


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Haha so did i rs turbo orion mk2 lol with snap off steering wheel ,pedal lock ,gear lock ,pager to alarm ,anti jack ...and cctv ...

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Must be an rs turbo think, i had a pager on mine!
Sent it for mot and kept the pager on me in work 500 yards down the road, saw them unlock the car, so i locked it again arming the immob and alarm, a few alarm warnings later and a phonecall came asking me how the hell my car alarm works! i told them to kick the rear wheel three times (humour me) and then hit the unlock.

They fell for it and were bemused as hell.

Only cost about £30 from china lol

Patagon superglass is awesome, a freinds car got smashed to peices but the windows were not breached and he didnt lose his stereo! made a right mess of the glass though.


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Just hope the fellas remedy ain't "just don't leave the locking wheel nut in your boot"

get a cheapo gsm GPS , it texts me as soon as my car moves


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their available on ebay, take a sim card , about the size of a matchbox and can eaither be mag mounted or screw job,
if you get one make sure to get a 12v adaptor lead for it so you can hard wire it into the car to keep it charged.

also tracks your cars location , speed, it texts you when your car moves, you can call in and listern to the occupants

i was on here raving about these last year , every little helps to make the scum bags life harder work,

surely hiding locking wheel nut in the car somwhere would end this , a friend of mine years back drilled a small hole in his locking nut and turned it into a keyring but some fekker still nicked his wheels lol , they used one of those gator grip multi pin fitment heads ,if they want it they will get it just make it difficult and time consuming so it evens it up the chances of catching them or they simply leave your car alone because its agg


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I have this fitted to my car Viper 500XV Two Way Responder Thatcham Cat. 1 Car Alarm with knock sensors and motion sensors,if you coupled this with security glass its a pretty good deterrent

nice, just what i tried to get across in my last post , security glass and good alarm and tracker and etc etc excellent! the more the better

some div has to stand there smashing through your car window taking time and making lots of noise ,probly as doing so your alarm will sing and send you an alert and they still aint got in your car yet and by then your round the corner with a bunch of flowers to greet them

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Wheel theft is hardly new

Woke up to find my saph cossie resting on the brakes about 3 months after it came out of the factory ... That must be 20-25 years ago ...

Lots of good advice here