Alloys- price?


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I'm trying to justify new alloys. I've a 2009 S3, what are my alloys worth?
They need a refurb, which I can have done.
Tyres are mid budgets all round.

Trying to find a rough price, I've tried eBay and prices vary massively.


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Sorry, my post is confusing.

What are my 2009 s3 alloys worth?

Is it worth me getting them refurbed?



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I think facelift S3 alloys refurbed and spaced out 10-12mm all round so 20-24mm per axle look really good, much cheaper option than say a set of BBS or genuine Rota's. A good refurb of the whole wheel should be about £300-350 depending on where you go and what sort of finish you want :) In good nick with good tyres S3 alloys generally seem to sell for £500-700 i think so its probably worth just refurbing them and keeping the OEM looks if your budgets tight.