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I have an 04 Allroad C5 Final Edition 2.5 v6 diesel .
It has the Navigation Plus head unit that is non Bose ( meaning it only has rear amplified speakers and factory Sub) . It does n't have steering wheel controls . It has a OEM Quadlock connector coming out of the dash .

I have just bought a Pioneer Apple car play double DIN head unit . I have fitted the CTSAD002.2 harness that the guy at Halfords said was the correct one . Plugged it all in and the rear speakers including the sub don't work . Just the front speakers .

What is the correct harness that I need to make it all work properly ?

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Just ring connects2 technical line, they're usually very helpful.

Check the wiring label on the rns, then see if its got speaker wires for rears direct or its using line outs for these to the amp & sub.


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I've just sent them an email , but I did go and see the chap at Halfords last night who sold it to me . He moved an amp power wire in the harness which has made the rear speakers work , but only when you connect the separate RCA ( which were never used on the factory fit system) cables and the sounds is very woolly . Ill see what Connects2 have to say .

Has no one on here ever fitted a Double din Pioneer to an Allroad ?