Am i in my rights to ask for a new ordered car


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just a quick note
I have had a horrible steering issue with squeaking and sticking in the steering wheel
I picked up my new order end of November
After a week had audi recovery out to fix it
They could not so into the garage she goes
They changed slip rigs and after aweek it returns
Its now been back in there for the 2nd time (3rd including a home technician)
They know its not right but are struggling to fine the cause

Im up to my neck with it. Can i refuse the car nowor ask for a new order

Im sick of the dealers and my cars done 700 miles. 250 of those back to the dealers.
Im getting ready to call my legal team
Can i ask for a new order?


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Thanks Mike

I have read the sxact article too.
I need to speak to the dealers i have just had an update to say the issue seems to be going into the Quattro system
And if so im not touching it


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no probs...
I've been reading a few threads recently regarding rejecting cars etc..
My only advice would be to start the process ASAP if thats 100% what you want to do and get Audi UK involved (and the finance co. if its on finance).



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Ive already opened a case with audi c/s
Will be updating both areas tomorrow

I just want a new car ordered which is in my rights
My cars been stripped to pieces and they cant fix it and hope they can't tbh


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The trouble is they will fix it and this will leave you in a very weak position no matter how much they have taken the car apart but its always going to be in the back of your mind and thats the problem. You might be better off getting something out of them rather than going down the rejection route.


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Just an update im waiting to find out today about a new car being ordered. They have ordered a nes steering rack but still cant pinpoint the problem


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If they say they can fix it make sure they give you some good stuff for compensation and try to get extended warranty for nothing .


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I have refused and going to do a change car form on Friday. Im telling you if tey didn't extended warranty will be a very minor part of compensation id expect £1000s back too


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Audi have agreed to order me a new car with a few extras on too.
There customer service is discusting tho may i say and caused me high blood pressure for them to do it