Amazing - you should see these :)


hmmmmm interesting.
these have been on here before.

More examples of idiots driving like total pratts on public roads.

Good job no children were killed.

Would be able to appreciate the great lengths the owners have gone to if it was on a drag strip / runway etc.

Just my 2 penith.


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Sorry didn't know they were already posted - I didn't post them for the way of driving - it's amazing how the car accelerates. Of course 3.2V6 with turbo is supposed to do it like that :p


hmmmmm interesting.
agree, the acceleration is mad. Looks like he has difficulty controlling it in the first pic.

Wonder how much he needed to spend to get that acceleration. ?


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The excelleration is impressive but anyone can drive fast in a straight line. What would impress me would be to see that car on a track eating up supercars.

When I owned my Lotus Elise there was a vid floating about on the SELOC forum of an Elise S1 with an Audi S3 engine in it on track gobbling up a Ferrari F40! Now that's impressive, I'll try and find it :respekt:


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oh dear, does it go through red lights and standstill traffic very fast- now I would like to see that !

pathetic and they should grow up.


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Love those vids.. Was just about to add them to another thread about engine conversions. As for the guy winging about the driving.. seriously! Who have you been listening to?

Get off your high horse, don't tell me you've never driven fast on the road and get a sense of humour. I wouldn't encourage this behaviour and seeing it in the flesh makes me sick with nerves but if he didn't think he could control it he wouldn't be driving it with that confidence so live and let live and enjoy the excitement of someone actually enjoying their car.


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Just one thing though.. 10-11psi? I don't think so! that's 15-18psi if ever I saw/heard it! I had custom built 3.2 turbo once and it was fast on 10psi REALLY fast but it never sounded that urgent or tortured.


i read the post's on here before watching the vids and thought that the video would show some muppet driving around the roads like a complete twat, after i watched it i really had to laugh he aint being to stupid if i had that car id fly off the line also i just would'nt film it, most on here would drive there car hard from time to time or why else do we all tune the car up????

That cars awsome to sounds fantastic and goes like stink!!