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Has anyone else noticed that Amazon prices are not as... let’s say they might be? This has always been the case but it just seems a little more the case and makes me check a little more.
For the last few weeks I have noticed that I can buy things cheaper direct from companies. Don’t get me wrong who doesn’t love a bit of Prime or pre-prime (if you know the joke) and it’s still my got to for a quick fix and the all those bits that you just can’t buy in a shop. Maybe we just have to accept that if we want it quickly it might not be the cheapest which is fair I guess
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I always do a comparison check across few platforms, allowing for the time wasted on this against the savings achieved & convenience, I have a tolerance, flexibility for these reasons.

Although they're being sneaky with AI imho with price adjustments immediately after viewing, even these pennies add millions to Jeff's real estate fund lol.


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They did a documentary about this on channel 4 a weeks ago. Always double check prices

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