An MOT and a Few Changes


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Booked the car in for another MOT and it past without any advisories. I fitted the Poly ARB bushes several years ago and its still not causing problems, so it’s a cheap upgrade for the long term.

I “Ringed” my car last year and am going in June again, so a few serviceable parts needed attention.

Gear box Oil change:

2 ltr from the main dealer G060 grade costs £4 a ltr (very cheap for life long gear oil).

1.6ltr came out 2ltr went in.

Notchy gear change has gone and it feels like a slick gear change without losing viscosity in high temp, or feeling thick when cold. I work in the motor trade and many options were available. But the dealer spec is not the “off the shelf” type oil. Even if you choose the high price, high spec Castrol TAF-X version, its not the same. So go for the G060 grade from the main dealer and for the price it’s a cheap job!! Bare in mind that the spec is changing due to upgrades over time and between gearbox models, so quote you chassis number or reg to get the right oil for your car.

Pads and Disc Change:

I had Brembo Max with Ferodo Premier pads (great pads), these are grooved disc but do not contain the High carbon content of the higher spec Brembo Sport discs. High Carbon content discs reduce noise when braking and improves efficiency. . The Max discs were just starting to drag in places when traveling at 5mph. Indicating a slight warping issue. The Max discs were very noisy but the stopping power even on the Ring after a few laps was very good.

But due to the warping I replaced the discs and pads with Brembo Sport drilled discs with a High Carbon content and Ferodo Premier pads.
The new drilled discs need a specific heat cycle (according to the manual they come with). I noticed how much quieter they are even with the drilled holes and how much lighter they are which is never a bad thing.

Shall give them some stick in Germany in June:yes:
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Hi, is the gearbox oil change an easy job?, how do you go about it?

yeah very easy, once the tray is off

You need a drain plug socket thing 17mm i think, and a funnel and a bit of hose

The rest is just a 15mm socket and 17mm socket

The dog bone mount underneath has a plate at the back of the gearbox (visible underneath) and this is covering the drain plug. Once thats undone you can get to the plug, you don't need to support the engine to remove the dog bone mounting plate. i advise that you undo the filler plug first to check you can get it undone. This is on the front of the gearbox perhaps 8cm up and uses the same socket as the drain plug.

Just drain and fill, i used a funnel and a piece of clean hose to fill the gearbox from above the car. Just drop it down into the engine bay and push the hose into the gearbox, then fill from above