Another attempted S3 theft...


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I have been meaning to post a thread for a while now talking about how much I have enjoyed owning my new S3 over the last 3 months but...

Last night I had an attempted break in, presumably for my S3 (as they would be pretty disappointed if they were breaking in for anything else!). I live in the Greater Manchester area (Please don't ask for specific location).

From numerous neighbours CCTV we can see a man walking down the street at around 01:00 checking most peoples car doors including mine. Then at around 03:30 a Black Audi slowed down completely outside my house and then drove off, 20 minutes later we were woke up by someone attempting to break the lock of the back door (failing) and then attempting to kick down the door.

Fortunately they didn't get in. Once we started turning lights on and the dogs started to bark they ran away.

Anyway, lock for the backdoor replaced & additional locks added front and back. New motion lights ordered & cameras ordered. Neighbours have locked their gates as we believe they may have come from the neighbours garden as from CCTV we can see they didn't access from ours.

We have an issue on our street, about 3 times a week we have 'opportunists' coming round and checking car doors. If you have something similar in your area make sure to report it, because otherwise nothing will be done about it! Police have agreed to add further patrols on the street as it is getting beyond ridiculous.

A car is only a lump of metal at the end of the day & I have insurance & GAP insurance so it can be replaced - it's just a pain you can't have nice things without someone trying to kick your door down!

This thread is just a reminder for people to be vigilant of anyone possibly following you home or any dodgy folk on your street & to make sure you have good security in place (in my case solid doors & locks as this is probably the only thing that prevented my car from being taken).

Anyway, you can't let things like this ruin the enjoyment of the car - fingers crossed I don't have a repeat incident anytime soon!


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Glad to hear the scumbags didn't get in and nobody was hurt

Nice to have the CCTV footage also to get an idea of what happened!


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There appears to be an increase in all car thefts nationwide which is becoming an epidemic. Unfortunately a neighbour of mine had two BMW stolen off his drive on the same night. What he found astonishing, was the polices attitude, which basically was if you cannot afford to loose them don’t buy them and they are insured, so what your problem, they held out very little hope of them ever being found. It appears that these people that commit these crimes know that they are very unlikely to be caught and if they are the penalty is so light they are not worried.


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I'm Manchester based too, I also have ongoing issues with people trying car doors, plenty of cars have gone from the street, it's sickening, not a bad area either! I had cameras fitted to the house and auto watch ghost immobiliser fitted to the motor, someone got into my last car and stole a £300 air suspension remote... they wouldn't have even know what it was!

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For goodness sake, get a house alarm fitted, one that you can set zones on so you can set it at night and at least stick a Disklok on the car.