Another Issue, Fuel Gauge


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Got another problem, pretty fantastic!

I have noticed a large fluctuation in readings on the fuel gauge, go for a spirited drive and itll appear to drink it like i drink jager, yet once the car has been sitting itll go back up.
today in the space of about 30 miles it appeared i had used 1/4 of a tank.

when i rolled up to the petrol station it was reading aprox 1/3 of diesel in the tank, yet took 35 litres to cut off at full.
So after brimming the tank (with ultimate diesel of course) it took some time to creep up to full, then whilst sitting outside my daughters school it dropped to 3/4 and then on the drive home it crept up to full again.

so since brimming the tank ive done approx 25 miles at about 25 mpg and sitting on the drive now its registering 3/4 of a tank

plugged into VCDS no sign of faults and measuring blocks say theres 58 litres in the tank.

any ideas?


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And to rule out problems with the fuel pump at the petrol station i went to another, stuck in 7L till it cut off and still reading 3/4 of a tank