Anyone ever used this company??

nope, not used them.... in the past, only used AmD and Chip'N'Spin (ChippedUK).... with varying success.

AmD have messed me around a bit in the past and unless you have the latest RS4, they take very little interest in your pride and joy: despite promising to do before and afters, they neglected to do both (when getting abotu £2k wirth of engine work done on my old Golf) and then after having the car for a week and me arriving to pick it up, they told me "well it's too late to do the before and the afters will have to wait until another day", despite knowing full well that I had to do a 4hr round-trip to get that done... which, as a matter of principle, I did, they still tried to fob me off with a generic print-out - not even bothering to check that my car had just been in (to them!!) for high lift cams and a second round of "air flow improvments"... and when I did find a decent garage, they dyno'd it and confirm that the FPR was bust and unable to supply adequate fuel over 5000rpm and was running lean at anything over 3500rpm! The £200-odd on a PBV, dyno run and re-tune made more difference than all the previous work combined! (yes, I know it was effectively limping along before, but AmD didn't car that they'd handed the car back to me in that condition).

Chip'N'Spin charges £250 for a remap including before and after rolling road dyno runs, so you have some confidence that the car is running as promised.... plus if they hit any probs (clutch / turbo / sensors) or the car doesn't drive "right" (lumpy torque, slipping clutch, etc) after a test-drive, then from what I've seen in the past, they'll wind the map back to the original (that they have saved) and they'll drop the charge down to the cost of a dyno run (£25-£50)...