Anyone fitted an s-line front bumper to a non-s-line A4 B8??


Audi Baby!
Hi folks, I have a 2008 A4 B8 SE.

I have already upgraded the rear bumper to the s-line version and am keen on doing the same to the front.

Was just wondering a few things...

- is it a straight swap?
- can i use my original grill still?
- are new fog surrounds the only thing i need to get?

if anyone has done this, or can help i would really appreciate this.



Soft lad

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I quite fancy swapping from an S line to the SE bumper because then I could fit the Dynamic front splitter. Have you looked at that?? They're about £50 on Ebay.


Audi Baby!
Do you have a link to the splitter? I am gonna investigate changing the bumper and the price of the sline fog covers.