Anyone fitted Bilstein B12 kit on their avant?


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This follows on from another thread of mine but hopefully someone with the B12 kit will be able to chime in.

I'm looking at buying the B12 kit but I found a thread on audizine where people have been having issues with the rear end not lowering much and giving the car an excessive front rake. Seems to be specific to the avant.

Anyone have any additional info or experience of this?


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Karl would be good for feed back , iirc has H&R arbs too .



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I initially fitted the Eibach springs in their own and after a while decided I needed the shockers as well so bought the B12 Pro Kit. The Eibach springs were a good improvement over stock, my car was an SE so it was a good drop in ride height.
Quite amazing the difference the B8 shocks made, the Eibach springs supplied with the Pro kit were the same as I already had on the car. I have had Eibach kit on another car and it doesn't ride as low as H & R , the Eibach kit definitely has some rake front to rear but the ride quality is much better .
I cut the rear buffers by 10mm to lower the car at the back a little more
Karls 3.0 TDI build thread
I don't mind it being a little higher at the rear as when I load the car up with kids, dogs, stuff and put the caravan on the back with the H & R kit it would be dragging it's **** on the floor.
If you want practicality, ride quality and good handling then go Eibach. If you want a little lower all round, harsher ride and not quite as practical go H&R.
I have found the cheapest prices from Ebay in Germany. Find the part number you need and search on Ebay with European union ticked.
I fitted the H & R roll bars as well and have just kept the uprated rear bar, This does help the handling reducing understeer and making the car more driveable.


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Thanks for the info @desertstorm It's a big help. Do you have a side on picture of your car which shows the rake?

Some of the guys on audizine ended up fitting the saloon rear springs to level the car out so this may be an option.

Did I read correctly that you only fitted the rear arb only?

Actually got my eye on a set of H@R arbs.
That looks really good. I put my Focus ST headlamps in the oven to paint them black and said I would never do it again but this is very tempting :)

I did the halogen to xenon projector conversion on my B7 with white 100watt hi beam lamps from @t8ups - epic and prob one of the best upgrades I did