Anyone remapped facelift 2.0 TFSI?


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Took delivery of a 2.0T Quattro S-tronic in November and I'm having trouble sourcing a remap for the car. After searching through the forum I originally opted for a bluefin but supechips have been unsuccessful at developing a remap for the new ECU and so I was wondered if anyone else has had a result?

I did contact my local revo dealer but he seemed completely clueless about the new cars and tried to convince me the engine was infact the one from the new TSI scirocco(!). Anyone 2009 model owners a have any better experiences?

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go to revo direct and let them know who it was they will reccomend a better one!!

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yes your car isn't an issue! :)

pm me the dealer you went to and i'll sorft something out for you :)