Anyone used venture shield?


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I'm getting my bonnet resprayed and am fed up of stone chips so looked online for films and wraps to stop this and found venture shield mentioned a lot and was wondering if anyone has this on theirs? And if so how much just the bonnet would cost to do?


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Used it on my headlights, got new ones fitted and was buggered if they were going to be damaged like the old ones were. I just purchased the film and did the job myself, so cannot say how much its going to be for a bonnet. The film has been on for 6 months and it is starting to look a little beaten up so will be changing it soon.

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i had it fitted to my a4 b8 , you can buy a full pre cut kit from the states alot cheaper than anywhere in the uk . only problem is royal mail hit you with a customs and handling charge , however the kit firts bang on perfect .
bonnet ,front edge of wings ,a pillars ,full front bumper , wing mirrors ,front edge of roof , door handle cups, headlights,front fogs.. less than £100 delivered.

i was going to see if anyone wanted to do a group buy on these ,since my own car has just left the body shop and i was goingt o purchase the kit myself

i fitted the kit myself with the aid of a freind ,hairdryer and some johnsons baby shampoo.