Apple CarPlay retrofit prior to MIB2 A3 etron 8V pre facelift.


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Don't have any idea where this should end up. I'm using these terms cause that's the best I can do. I have been able to access the engineering menu, and validated my presumptions.

version says HMI_AU_MIB_High_NAR_SOP5_143200

I do live in Canada, (NAR?) and hav semi updated the Nav Maps. BUT

No backup camera. just put in some aftermarket backup sensors. How on earth "NAV+" doesn't have a backup camera is beyond me.

Anyway. I was not interested in CarPlay until I found out that since iOS 12 WAZE is supported - and some other NAV programs, in inluding one that doesn't use data.

The question is - does anyone have any experience for an aftermarket kit for Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) I've made inquiries - One place in California says I need to have an A/V plug in the AMI to work. But what does the USB port that Audi says "Power Only" I would like to know - why? - is it wired that way, or is it a ruse? I want and NEED a backup camera as well.
Have at it!

(i'm adding a link from Wikipedia that might help some). I STILL don't know the difference between MIB 1 and 3G+...)