ARB bush help


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had a check yesterday found i got play in the ARB bushes.

question i got is what is the size of the MK1 TT front ARB, part number 1J0 411 305 AE.
i've had a look around on google people as saying different things. some say 19mm some say 20mm.

i used my standard bushes off my A3 1999 (AGU) when i swapped over arb's.

if anyone could help would be great could order some now.

unless someone can give me a link to where they sell them... cheap as poss please

thanks Jay


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Def 19mm in my opinion, just swapped my 25mm eibach for a 19mm tt225 ARB so had to change the bushes. got the bushes from the main dealers about £6 ish each.

Hope this is of some help to every1