ARB bushes


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was there someone on here that could get them cheap as i need to replace mine, also any one know how hard they are to change, cheers


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is yours a s3 or a3?
front is held by one bolt driver side and passanger side is two the second you can just see it holds the power steering pipes together.both 13mm should take you around 30-45 mins a side (front is a bit fiddly)
rear if it's a s3 then two ways of doing it either undo the exhaust brtacket two 13mm bolts either side then the exhaust will hang, you the have to 10mm bolt that hold the exhaust heat sheild up undo these then you can get to the bracket easy and two 13mm bolts either side, 20-30 mins each side rear is easyer just more to do.


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And Got mine from Audi for about £4.00 each