ARB Link and ARB bushes?


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I've trolled through most of the threads and I think I am on the right track as some of you guys have had similar experiences.

I have a knocking noise at the front of my car I am certain it has something to do with the steering as it drives like a boat (as some of you have stated), I have had the anti roll bar replaced and engine mounts but the noise is still there! So I am thinking it may be the ARB bushes I need to get replaced? So my question is, do I get the ARB links done at the same time as the ARB bushes as some of you guys have mentioned the knocking noise was the ARB links? What are the ARB links exactly anyway?


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I'd have hoped they replaced the Ant-Roll bar (ARB) bushes when they replaced the bar?

The anti-roll bar is exactly what it sounds like, it reduces the amount of body roll when cornering. See for more info...