ARB Uprated Anti Roll Bar Bushes


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As you may know the ARB bushes (like TT's) are a weak point. My A2 has failed an MOT the last 2 years (the first 2 MOT's it had). The standard ones cost pence from Audi but fail just as quick, Audi have MOT'd my car since it started needing them after 3 years, so they are genuine fitted parts.

My car also had the ARB changed by Audi as a revision after about 1 year old. Most A2 cars now on the road will have the reivsed ARB without plastic collars

However this year I fitted these




My MOT is due early next year so I will see if it works, and whether I get longevity for the increase in price. They cost about £25 and actually fit a Polo as nothing is listed for the A2, but fit perfectly and have been on the car for 8 months.

Not the most interesting post but informative for others...:icon_thumright:


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That'll be intresting to see if they out perform the rubbers, no doubt they will, I presume they dont affect the already hard ride on A2's? as they only kind of kick in on sideways movement? when you order them what year of polo do you quote?


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I hope they do last, but if not I will go back to the cheap Audi ones. You are right about the stiffness, it doesn't increase due to the very reasons you mention. But the "turn in" feels; not really stiff but like a new car again, just taut I guess.

The part number is: PFF85-603-16

02-05 Polo I think, but the part number is definitely correct as I am looking at the old paperwork now. I think its also the Fabia 02-05 (i think)


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How hard were they to fit? Lookin to do the same to my wife's A2 1.4tdi SE(2001) Will they fit?


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The A2 has 2 types of ARB fitted one is the early type with a plastic sleeve/collar, the corrosion gets under the sleeve/collar and brakes it loose. This can be expensive to replace but it you remove the plastic sleeve/collars you can fit these bushes as it then has the correct dia.

The later type doesn't have a plastic sleeve/collar to start with so a simple remove old, refit new is all you need.

Use axle stands and a trolley jack under the control arm to maniplulate the load on the ARB so you can remove the old bushes. take a little while to undo the bolts and refit the new, but its all done from the wheel are on each side so once you take the wheel off its not too bad, couple of hours i think
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