Are b6 saloon/avant/cabriolet headlights all the same?


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As per title really guys, are they all the same?

Mine are full of condensation and want to change them, have found a good set from a a4 b6 cabriolet, will thy fit?

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instead of new lights try taking the black cover off that clamps onto the back of the light, that will allow the water vapour to escape when they warm up


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remove your old headlights from car .. then remove the bulb cover the get hair dryier and get hot air in the light unit this will dry out your headlights then get some stikaflek and and seal the covers back on the lights and where the plastic lense meets the unit put a little on there and rub it in the grove around the unit .. also the other place where they leak is where the wires plug in to the light unit .. again run i little beed around there to seal them up