ARP on my S3 ??


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Ok guys here goes.
Looking to get 400bhp from my S3 saloon 2016 all stock at the moment but I want to tune to this level with the best quality and have been told that ARP are about the best quality products out there.
Been quoted for the following works intercooler, Cast downpipe, Carbone intake, Forge intake pipe, stage 2 remap, DSG remap, all ARP apart from intake pipe.
Has anybody else had this done and was it the correct choice ??


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I havent had an S3. But ive just bought an RS3 8p which will be having APR software on Thursday. It is reassuringly expensive and there are cheaper options but the fact Ive had APR software on my previous 4 VAG cars (Mk4 Golf 1.8t, Mk4 Golf 25th Anniversary 1.8t, Mk5 Golf GTI, Mk6 Golf R) I know exactly what Im getting from the map but also the support of the fitting dealer (Awesome, Manchester) I had an APR fuel pump on my 6R that i bought used and didnt miss a beat in the 40k i added to it. I cannot recommend APR products enough. Just for reference though, I had a Miltek Turbo back exhaust and a VWR induction kit on my GTI and 6R and both worked very well with APR software. Maybe look at other brands, you may be able to save yourself a few quid.