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So there i was last night making an account with rockstar social club for GTA V when i was faced with the task of looking for a "crew" to be join to "improve" the only gameplay.

The amount of crews available is crazy, (mainly american gangs i think going by the names lol) Then i had an epiphany, why dont i search a few key words. Immediately i thought hmm AUDI and what crew popped up?

AUDI-SPORT with a tag of ASN1. It says the leader is g60leigh.

Ive sent a request to join but had nothing back yet. Is this going to be the "official asn crew"? and does anybody know who g60leigh is?


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G60Leigh is 8L S3 owner.

He mentioned it in the Pub thread.


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ahh thanks scottb5. ill see if i can find the thread. :thumbsup:


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just read your other post about buying a airfield! how far into the game are you? how did you get cash for that?


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Good find, I will look up this crew too.

When you get to Trevor he starts with quite a bit of cash, just try not to spend it all on new guns and gun mods like I did! I've also bought the Airfield, great missions I won't spoil them here just do them when you get there!


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Ok lads, i am a ps3 user and up for this so add me! Leigh you know already but anybody else add 'sparrowhawk747'

bring on the online shizzle i say!


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Did that last night^^^^^^^^ netted over 2million CRs between the three guys.

Leave all the assassinations until the after the final mission, then invest properly (at least one you can invest in the slumped stock and it recovers 300%) and you can get somewhere in the region of $2bn. I only had one left to do at the end, so only managed to make about $60m with each character.


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im on ps3.

Already in a crew but i dont mind popping on from time to time and smashing the place up


Thats my username


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well im surprised to see a thread like this on here, lol im a gta buff, its the only game im playing at the moment and has been since its release (although still dont get to play it much) granted i spend most of my time free roaming, great form of escapism from screaming kids and a nagging missus :)


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I just finished reading your other post on buying an airport! How far have you progressed in the game? How did you come up with the money for that?


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I just finished reading your previous post on purchasing an airport! How far along have you gotten in the game? How did you come up with that sum of money?
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