Audi 200 2,1T KG Quattro

Daniel Iversen

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I have got the possibility to now move into a shop with some of my mates, where i can have a car sitting to work on.

I have found a 200 2.1T for sale nearby. Its done 375k kilometers, has quattro and can lock the diff. 4x electric windows and such.
But thats not what i want to talk about.

I've read that its a 10V 5 cylinder with mechanical lifters and as far as ive read, it shouldnt be the best holding engine.

I know this car has done alot of kilometers, but thinking at the same time, why not try do make it fun?

My question is:
- How much can this engine hold without opening it?
- what work is more important than other?
- Where do i look up performance parts for an engine like this?