Audi 80 2.0 abt timing problem?


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Hello, since the timing belt change on my old 80 (66kw petrol) i felt the engine was diffrent, sounds diffrent(little bit louder) and maybe got a little more power but whats bothering me its shaking and stalling, sometimes when i let off the clutch while starting in first he just stalls, its like he dont have power at 1k rpm which is and was his normal idle. On neutral he is very good to throttle response when you drive sometimes i feel something like backfiring. When we changed the belt we watched all timing points, camshaft, crank and distributor pulley, we checked again and again times timing of camshaft and it allings perfectly as crankshaft and distributor, speaking of which i dont know how to alling because it cannot turn, is it me who cant find some bolt on distributor or he is not meant to be moved? i think its the timing that is causing all this shakines,should i go to mechanic for timing light check? any tips or tricks on this?