Audi 80 B3 Sports

I will be buying an 80 Sport of a mate in a few weeks, its a 1990 G plater with a genuine 110k miles, and the last owner having had it for the last 11 years. Its in very good order for its age.

I am looking to update the exterior a little with the facelifted B4 parts.

Will the front indicators and the rear lamp clusters from a 1992 facelift fit onto the 1990 pre-facelift?

Also, does the sport come with a different suspension to the standard 80?

The car sits quite nicely on a set of 15" Borbet 5 spokes, but i may lower it a bit more.


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The rear light clusters probably will not fit! If I remember correctly, they slope in the opposite direction. They beauty of the B3 is the short boot, the B4 was larger. The front is the same. If you want to fit a B4 front bumper, I believe you have to change the front wings. This will probably affect the lights. If I remember correctly the Sport is lower and stiffer. It's a great car, in my opinion, for what it's worth, the 3A engine is one of the strongest and best 2 litre engines VAG ever built. I would buy that car, or, for preference, an 80 Sport Q of similar spec, tomorrow.
No pics yet, was out for a run in it today, and it goes very very well. The engine is sweet, and very powerfull. My mate has just bought it but is only keeping it for 3 weeks as a stop gap car and hen i am getting it from him.

We were giving it a good clean inside and out today, the seats have had seat covers fitted for the last 11 years, so are pretty good. The bodywork is also pretty mint, with just 2 small surface rust spots on the drivers door.

It needs a few wee bits sorting, needs new front disks, rear wheel bearings, and possible a lower ball joint. The exhaust is starting to blow on the centre section.

I am really impressed how good the car is, and how good it looks for a 17 year old car!

Will try and get pics of it on monday :)