audi a3 1.9 tdi coming home and leaving home problem


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Hello all,
I followed this guide about coming home and leaving home option. (
I did all what is in guide and it's still not working.
One end of the wire connected to the pin 12 and second one to earth point.
Also i checked Byte 00 Bit 5 and Byte 00 Bit 7 and Byte 2 Bit 4 and still didnt work.
I was trying for a week and it still didnt work, i literraly lost my mind.
I dont have light sensors or auto lights but it says i dont need to.
But i have no dis (board computer in the middle) i attached the photo and i asked some people does it matter cuz i have this kind of board computer they said this is not connected with a ch/lh.
I am about to give up :C


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It’s not you, it’s a PITA to get to work it’s to do with connecting the wire to ground, had a similar issue many years ago eventually it worked.

Don’t think the cluster has nothing to do with this I believe


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Thanks for answer man! I paid electric guy to connect the wire from connector to the ground. He connected to ground but not like on guide he took random location of a ground. And he made it from 2 wires one was short so he made it longer by adding one more!


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I connected it elsewhere too, as long as it’s ground it is ok.

there was some truck to do with connecting to ground then removing it, it was a right faf. Keep playing with it, the length of the wire wouldn’t be the issue

I did it 4 years ago so don’t remember the technicality but haven’t forgotten the drama