Audi a3 2.0 tdi boost pipes....


Audi A3
Afternoon all.

I know forge do a set of 3 boost pipes but what about the othet 3 pipes....

Anyone got the full set or know were i can get them, standards are poop.



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is there a 170 version available?


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I know it's an old thread but still, can anyone rate the darkside pipework kit? Any Photos of it fitted?


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Ive got the two forge lower ones for sale with all couplers im not using them as i have s3 intercooler there red all good condition
£50 PM it your interested


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Thanks for the reply, I would be very interested but iv had the lower ones replaced recently when the car still had warrenty, my problem is with the top hose that connects to the egr/imf is on its way to poping off! I just don't want to replace it with another hose that's going to pop off again! Rather invest in a kit to get rid of the problem all together. The darkside kit seems to be of better quality as well as reducing the number of connections. Just after someone to rate using it and if possible find a photo of it fitted :)
Thanks for the offer though, appreciate it.


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Whats the advantage of those pipes over OEM?


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I'm hoping that they are of better quality at the joints, (intercooler, imf/egr etc) more of a snug fit, and won't wear out and keep poping off like the standard ones do!
Iv heard the 3pc forge kit is good, but the darkside reduces the number of joints as well as hopfully not poping off, just after a review of it fitted if possible. Also hoping for a remap soon, and if the standard hoses are already leaking boost then they don't stand a chance with a map :D