Audi A3 2009 Sport-Back Window stuck down


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Good evening guys, newbie here. Hope all is well with everyone....

Drivers window has failed to open for the last 5 days or so, then randomly did work and lower on Saturday. After leaving the window open for the rest of the journey it would not raise again on my return home.

All other windows and wing mirrors operate from switches on drivers door panel.

When trying to raise window you can hear a click from the motor / module.

Removed door panel and motor but left electrically connected, when switch operated motor clicks but geared spindle cog does not operate.

The motors getting power but not 'Motoring'.

I self diagnosed as it being a faulty motor.

'Newer' motor arrived today which is second hand but sold with a guarantee of its serviceability.

To my surprise the system is exactly the same when trying to motor the window up.

Just one click noise coming from motor / module each time window up is selected.

Hoping/praying someone else has had this same problem and could possibly point me in the right direction.




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Unscrew the motor from the door, leaving the loom connected. Hold the motor in your hand and operate the the window switch up or down, if the motor runs ok then the window regulator is jammed up. 99% of the time it will be unrepairable so buy a new one like this
They are easier to change than you think.