AUDI A3 8l 3.2


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Now that the r32 project is finished all I have left is a vision and a 8l a3 long story short I want to strip it 3.2 vr6 in and Quattro any advice appreciated and what Il need

Tj 0785

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Are you starting with a a3 Quattro or wanting to fit the Quattro? Makes no sense try’s to retro fit a Quattro system time and cost wise be better to sell the a3 and start with a Quattro one


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So you will run 3.2 as FWD?


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From quattro to quattro is fairly straightforward.
you'll need

- vr6 clutch housing (the gearbox housing is the same)
- ideally the vr6 bevel box
- vr6 bellhousing to block bolts
- obviously the engine (long block w/all coolant lines inc. from heater core, all vacuum system lines, intake etc.)
- the engine brackets (gearbox brackets are the same)
- vr6 engine wiring loom + the bit that plugs in at the rain tray to join to the interior harness
- vr6 ecu
- vr6 accessories bracket
- vr6 exhaust

From FWD to quattro .... well have fun with that


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it'll be much less of a headache and you can actually focus on what needs to be done instead of making something that can already be bought for much less hassles, effort, time et.